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Authors and NFTs
Episode 315th February 2022 • Writing Break • America's Editor
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The Muse talks about sci-fi, NFTs in publishing, & navigating fear when writing your first draft.

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Rosemi Mederos:

If you have plot bunnies coming out of your plot holes, it’s time for a writing break.

Thank you for joining me for another episode of Writing Break with America’s Editor. In this episode I’ll offer you some advice on fighting imposter syndrome and navigating the fearful feelings that might arise when writing your first draft, and I’ll share with you my favorite independent science fiction author.

But first, let’s brew some coffee, and I’ll tell you about some publishing industry happenings that sound like science fiction.

kens are expected to trend in:

If you're wondering what NFTs have to do with publishing, then you must have missed the marketing ploy entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk pulled off last summer wherein he offered an NFT to anyone who purchased 12 copies of his new book. This led to more than one million pre-orders, with the average order by a member of the GaryVee congregation falling at 36 books. The Wall Street Journal reported on at least two people whose orders surpassed 900 books.

The NFT was not airdropped into consumers' wallets until the return window for the books was closed.

Given all of the free content available from Gary Vee in which he says the same things over and over again to the point that even he looks like he’s tired of himself, this book was already of little value to our lives. Is it worth even less now that people are saddled with 12 copies of it? Bobbing and weaving, as best we can, questions of environmental impact and book devaluation, we cannot avoid the fact that, for the most part, publishing is not a lucrative business.

, if they will be trending in:

Congratulations are in order for Open Road Integrated Media Inc., an early player in independent ebook publishing in the United States, which was recently acquired by David Steinberger and friends. Terms of the deal are hush-hush, but the sticker price is said to fall somewhere between 60 and 80 million dollars.

cquired Arcadia Publishing in:

Open Road uses data-driven technology to catch the wandering eye of search engines, which improves discoverability by us, the readers.

Links to these articles can be found in the show notes of this episode on

Well, it smells like our coffee is ready, so how about I pour us some and we’ll enjoy it on the Overthinking Couch? Let me know now if you’d like me to make it an Irish coffee.

I am eager to visit today’s bookstore and discuss some writing tips with you after that, so today’s overthinking time will be quick. It’s simply this: when someone uses “unpack” figuratively, such as, “thanks for sharing, there’s a lot there to unpack,” it makes me want to scream.

I do my best to welcome changes in language, and I consider most of these changes fun and interesting, but this one, which I won’t even repeat because it’s so distasteful, screams “unimaginative,” and I just want to scream right back.

I know it’s not going anywhere. I know it’s going to be around for a long time. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, right?

Well, that’s it. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. If you have a similar turn of phrase that makes you lose vocal control, please let me know at

Now, let’s grab our stuff and head to the bookstore.

We are at Star Cat Books in Bradford, Vermont, not far from Dartmouth College. According to their website, Star Cat Books is all about saving the world one local, independent business at a time. One book at a time. One person at a time.

They even have a couple of real cats in this cozy bookshop.

The bookstore has been in business for nearly two decades, although not always under the same name. Today, Star Cat Books offers gently used & antiquarian books, as well as rare & new books, and they specialize in children's books & science fiction books.

So, let's take a look around.

Today we’re checking out my favorite independent sci-fi author, Kelly Sedinger. Sedinger is the author of the The Song of Forgotten Stars series, whose main protagonist is female. And actually, there are a lot of strong, brave, and intelligent female characters in his books. He is a master world builder whose diligence, talent, and imagination yield science fiction books that ought to be bestsellers. They have it all, and they are marvelously written. Let’s get all four books in The Song of Forgotten Stars series, shall we?

Before this writing break is over, I’d like to remind those of you still doing research in an effort to avoid writing that you can’t edit a blank page. You must get started right away. If you’re feeling fearful that you’re going to start writing and the writing will be bad, I can tell you the following with certainty: the first draft is going to be godawful. So, so bad. Everyone’s first draft is terrible. What’s more terrible is never getting to the second draft.

The worst writing you’ll ever do for this book is going to happen right now, in this first draft. Which means it can and will only get better after that.

When fear and doubt crop up and you start feeling like an imposter, please remember that in the first draft you are only putting the sand in the sandbox. The second draft is when you will start to build your castle. No one should ever see your first draft, but everyone should know that you are writing. All it takes to be a writer is to call yourself one. What it takes to be a good writer, that’s another story, and absolutely no one starts off writing well, so there’s no need to feel like an imposter.

I always suggest to authors that they should find at least one person who will encourage them throughout their writing career, and you have me now, telling you to write it all out.

Wow, you’ve listened to all three episodes in the Writing Break launch. That means so much to me that if I start talking about it, I might cry. How about an awkward hug instead? Awkward on my end, not yours. You give great hugs.

This first month is the most important in breathing life into this podcast. I am but a mere Dr. Frankenstein, having assembled the Monster, and you are the mysterious spark that will ensure this beautiful creature’s existence. Please subscribe and spread the word.

If you would like us to visit your favorite independent bookstore, feature your favorite independent author (even if it’s you), or discuss something you’re overthinking about, please email me at

Thank you for making space in your mind for The Muse today.

Writing Break is hosted by America’s Editor and produced by Carolina Montealegre with technical direction by Gus Aviles. Visit us at or contact us at




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