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Episode 32 | Coaches As Facilitators Of The New World with Marilyn O'Hearne, Patti Talbot, and Trudy Arthurs
Episode 3221st September 2020 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Coaches As Facilitators Of The New World 

In today’s episode we will be discussing “Coaches As Facilitators Of The New World” with three incredible people, who each have a unique and diverse perspective for us to consider. Join Marilyn O’Hearne, Patti Talbot and Trudy Arthurs as we take a deep dive into this timely topic.

Here’s some background on the guests with us in roundtable today:

Marilyn O’Hearne, ICF Master Certified Coach, and a recognized thought leader in bias, Cultural and Emotional Intelligence. She is globally experienced and known for her big picture approach producing sustainable results. Leaders, teams, coaches and organizations move from the uncertainty of our rapidly changing, culturally complex world to confidence with renewed vision via Marilyn’s breakthrough coaching and programs. Her vision is to unlock ALL potential, so we can all prosper and live in peace.

Patti Talbot is Co-Founder of Blue Roads Education Group. As a public educator in PreK through graduate education for more than 35 years, Patti’s been a part of the growth journey for people of all ages and stages of life. By focusing on the four big ideas inherent in her company mantra, “Homegrown Solutions for a Patchwork World,” she now helps clients honor their roots and transform the way they show up and work with diverse others to transcend their roles as "good citizens" to become "global changemakers" creating a more equitable and just world for everyone.

Trudy Arthurs - Trudy has been working as a coach, facilitator and healing energies explorer for 30 years. Following a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2000, she found the deep-dive explorations and future action focus of coaching to be the best recovery pathway for her. Through her independent business Dancing Leopards Ltd, she works with clients to help strengthen their soul confidence and self-awareness so they can be fully present and thriving in their world.

Listen in to our inspiring conversation as we discuss our roles and responsibilities as coaches during this uncertain time, and the possibilities that are opening for us at many different levels. We talked about hope, helping people to get in touch with their soul, holding space and bridging the gap between today’s reality and the new world that is beginning to emerge.

Such a delightful conversation with fellow colleagues who are already helping their clients bridge the gap from individual change to what the world needs right now. A huge thank you to my guests!

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