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TCA Ep1202: Paying Off My Sens vs Leafs Bet With Ian From WHIPR SNAPR Brewing
15th November 2023 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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Fun episode of the podcast today as Matt Robinson pays off his Ottawa Senators vs Toronto Maple Leafs wager with Ian McMartin from the WHIPR SNAPR Brewing Company!

The deal was real simple. Leafs win and I get 6 pints of his great beer. But Sens win and he’s allowed inside my secret reserve fridge to grab whatever he wants.

and we all know how this played out. Leafs lose. Sens win.

We also talked lots to Ian about what’s new around his brewery and what’s coming up. Plus the Senators trip to Sweden and early returns on their season.

You can check out all of Ian’s pints and all the upcoming events referenced on the podcast by visiting:

Leafs 365 by Mike Commito:

Ken Reid’s Hometown Hockey Heroes:

”Freedom To Win” by Ethan Scheiner:

Smash - The 90s Punk Explosion:

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