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Episode 207: Cody Royle, The Optimization of the Head Coach
Episode 20716th March 2022 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Guest: Cody Royle, Author and Speaker


Author and speaker Cody Royle joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on the optimization of the head coach.

Cody Royle is an author, international keynote speaker, podcast host, and football coach. He is a former head coach of AFL Team Canada, the men's national program for Australian Rules football.

Cody is a standout voice on how pro sports teams create sustained success. He has shared his coaching lessons with elite teams around the world. He challenges the status quo in coaching and is a driving voice in a change in coaching. Royle believes that the greatest opportunity for performance gains is in the optimization of the head coach.

Cody is the author of two books The Tough Stuff and Where Others Won't.

The Tough Stuff is a #1 Amazon bestseller in Australia and Canada. Focused on the human experience of head coaching, The Tough Stuff outlines how the emotional and mental toll placed on head coaches detracts from their ability to perform when it matters most. Where Others Won’t look at how intelligent teams are able to organize and utilize their people to create a competitive advantage. Often, the teams that create sustained success are those who break all the rules and search for ideas where others aren’t willing to go.



1:00 - Why Coaches Need a Coach

3:30 - Third Party

5:00 - Navigating The Weight

8:00 - Stereotypes

10:30 - Importance of Self Talk

16:00 - Advocating Coaches

22:00 - Cultural Barrier

27:30 - Interpretation of Energy

31:30 - Right Players Can Win

35:00 - Experience

38:00 - Bravery

44:00 - Vision From His Team

48:00 - Conclusion


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