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The Inspiration Episode:Tips on Finding Happiness and Trusting Life’s Detours. Live from Bodrum, Turkey. Do What Speaks to Your Soul.
Episode 148th April 2020 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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In this first episode of season 2 I record live from my front porch in Bodrum Turkey, overlooking the Aegean with chickens clucking in my yard feeling soul inspired. I share uplifting stories and tips to help raise your vibration and feel happy more. This episode will jumpstart your motivation to go out and live your best life. I will cover how to find your life’s purpose, why you need to trust life’s detours, and the importance of following the signs. I will also touch on our body’s ability to self-heal, and how to navigate the journey in spite of fear. If you like this episode, please subscribe/download and help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and on social media. The more light we can get out into the world, the better it will be.

Favorite show quote:

"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say YES - then learn how to do it alter." ~Richard Branson

I will also mention:

  • Do what speaks to your soul.  
  • What is a detox cleanse and why should you do it.
  • Balance of social media and outside validation
  • How to follow the ‘Feels”, even when it is out of your comfort zone
  • The LifeCo Wellbeing Center
  • Why I came to Turkey...and yes, I feel safe. :) *contact me for my Moth Story on this!
  • My years in pharmaceuticals, living as a socialite, having cancer, loving life's journey.
  • UPDATE: My friends had their Mediteranean baby! Welcome little Karya Sky!

Weekly Mantra:

“I am open to the flow of money to meet all my needs and desires.”


*Namaste: “The Soul [divine] in me, bows to the soul in you.”  A beautiful salutation in the ancient language of Sanskrit to say, “I see you.” <3 

I hope you enjoyed the show, and if you did please share with your friends and leave a review on apple podcast or google podcast. Also, check out my other episodes with some engaging guests discussing Lightwork, Chakras, The Law of attraction, SelfLove, Manifesting Abundance, and more.

I want to hear from you and answer your questions on ANYTHING from Chakras and crystals to relationships, finding your light and plant-based diet...ask away at or DM me on Instagram @Michelleschoenfeldofficial @youlostmeatnamaste

Upcoming Events

  • POSTPONED April 1-8, 2020 Beach Pray Love Spring Retreat at The LifeCo, Bodrum Turkey 

  • Fall 2020 Beach Pray Love Retreat at The LifeCo, Bodrum Turkey, date TBD

  • Coming to Turkey, Washington, DC or San Antonio Texas and want to be part of my live show or studio audience? Shoot me a message or send me a pitch. 

You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy.

~ namaste

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