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Finding the Perfect Venue for your Event, Part 1: Find It
Episode 64th March 2024 • The Business of Events • Joan Love
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Get the free Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Venue for your Event by clicking here. And make sure to have it and follow along for the next two episodes.

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Links I promised you:

Event Helper, get your Certificate of Insurance and send it to the venue in minutes! This one is a lifesaver.

Beauty Pie, get $20 for your first purchase of luxury skincare for a tenth of the price. My faves are the Super Healthy Skin moisturizer, Vitamin C capsules, and the Retinol :)

Peerspace, get $50 for your first rental! Find a venue for your meeting, photoshoot, or event. It's like the AirBNB for private venues.

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Those are the five websites that we immediately hit when we are doing venue scouting for our clients. And they are fantastic. And I really think they're going to help you find that perfect venue.


Your next step from here is to go online to download the step -by -step guide to book a perfect venue that your audience will love because it has everything that we've been talking about. It has the five questions to ask yourself to find that perfect venue and there's spaces for you to write in your answers so you can clarify what it is that you're looking for.


It has the checklist that you're gonna use on the walkthrough. You're gonna sound so professional to that venue coordinator. You're gonna know exactly what you're talking about. And it also has... has the checklist to sign the things that I look for on the contract because if you don't have it written down afterwards things can get very very messy.


That is all on the guide and it's absolutely free and the link is in the description so go on there download it and get ready to find that perfect venue for your next event.


Next week we're going to be going through part two of finding that perfect venue which is going to be walk. and we are gonna be sharing that checklist that you are going to go through when you are doing your walkthroughs So definitely don't miss that.






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