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Chapter 165. Simon is a ninja with the cut-throat razor.
Episode 1653rd July 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Let's break with tradition and explain ourselves.

The dust has settled a little since we recorded #165 and as such I can provide you with a little bit of supplementary information.

It turns out the Tempodrom was originally a venue housed in a large circus tent, and so when the current permanent venue was constructed in 2001 it was designed to echo that fact.

On the Wikipedia page for the venue it has a section covering ‘notable performers’ and (blow me down with a feather!) Marillion are included! I really must write to them and complain. At this rate we'll end up famous...

It turns out that Nik Kershaw also contributed to one of the tracks I sang on for John Mitchell. The song in question is Humans Being and it is on the Lonely Robot album . Ant gave it a listen and was quite gushing. Who would have thought it?

As far as the British Podcast Awards goes, the closing date for the Listeners Choice award is the 5th September. They appear to have updated the website since we looked on Tuesday.

You can vote here if you like. For God's sake DO!! :o]


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