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AudaciousNess - AudaciousNess EPISODE 16, 18th August 2021
Becoming Self-Sufficient with Rika Cossey
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Becoming Self-Sufficient with Rika Cossey

Rika Cossey grew up in Germany and has spent her adult life travelling and living in countries all over the world. Three years ago she moved to rural Sweden with her husband and two young children, living in a tiny house before buying a farm. Rika and her family are now attempting to live as self-sufficiently and as close to nature as possible. In this interview, Rika talks about:

  • what it was like living in a 39 square meter tiny house as a family of four 
  • how she learned to be patient and accepting of things she can’t control
  • how she deals with family members who question her life choices
  • why she’s made it her life’s mission for her and her family to be self-sufficient 

Rika now rents out her tiny house as holiday accommodation. For more information on how to book a stay at Rika’s farm, see www.rikacossey.com/about/tiny-house/


Music: Pablito's Way by Paolo Pavan