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Conquer Fear and Launch into Your Assignment: with Frank Viola Part 2 of 2
Episode 10214th July 2023 • Raising The Standard • Josh Khachadourian
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In this captivating episode, join us for part 2 of our eye-opening interview with renowned author, Frank Viola. Get ready for a no-holds-barred conversation as Frank fearlessly coaches you through overcoming the fear of failure. Unveiling the secret to validation for your message, he reveals the fastest path to success.

Listen in as we explore thought-provoking questions:

- Is reassurance of your mission necessary?

- Should men seek validation when pursuing their purpose?

- The crucial distinction between being ready and being prepared.

- Discover powerful strategies to conquer the fear of failure.

- Uncover expert tips to get your message out into the world.

- Understand the vital role of finding a coach who can guide you to success.

- Learn the fastest way to share your message with the world.

- Gain exclusive insights into Frank's advice for aspiring authors, both new and established.

- Have you heard of Scribe? Discover its secret significance.

Join us for an engaging and transformative episode that will empower you to conquer your fears and launch into your calling.

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