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200th Anniversary of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Episode 94th March 2024 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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200th Anniversary of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Season: 5 Episode: 9

In total, across the UK and Ireland, 146,452 lives have been saved by the RNLI – this equates to an average of two lives saved every day for 200 years. 

Founded in a London tavern on 4 March 1824 following an appeal from Sir William Hillary, who lived on the Isle of Man and witnessed many shipwrecks, the RNLI has continued saving lives at sea throughout the tests of its history, including tragic disasters, funding challenges and two World Wars.  

The charity has a strong presence in the south west with 33 lifeboat stations and 89 lifeguarded beaches during the summer season.

In this episode, we take a look at the founding story behind this national institution.


Sir William Hillary - Steve Yeo

Captain Thomas Jones - Steve Sheperd

Admiralty - Marcus KP

RNLI Resolutions - Rose Hayles


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Royal National Lifeboat Institution lifeboats

The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

Liverpool Journal of Commerce - Saturday 02 May 1936


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