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Embracing Digital Technology in Industrial Hygiene with Mona Shum
Episode 1415th January 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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Welcome to The Manufacturers Network podcast with your host, Lisa Ryan. In this episode, Lisa interviews Mona Shum, owner and principal industrial hygienist at AURA Health and Safety. Mona's extensive experience in exposure assessment, indoor air quality investigations, and environmental public health brings valuable insights into occupational health and safety within the manufacturing sector.

Mona shares her journey into occupational hygiene, highlighting the importance of understanding workplace exposures to chemicals, biological hazards, and physical hazards such as noise and radiation. She emphasizes the need to assess and control these exposures, ensuring the well-being of workers in various industries.

During the conversation, Mona discusses the most common challenges in manufacturing related to air quality and exposure control, citing examples from food-related facilities experiencing dust and chemical hazards. The impact of climate change, including heat stress and wildfire smoke, on occupational settings is highlighted, shedding light on the broader implications for business operations and worker safety.

Lessons Learned:

1. **Refusal of Unsafe Work**: Workers hold the power to refuse unsafe work, creating a platform for change and improved safety standards within organizations.

2. **Proactive Planning for Exposures**: Proactive planning, utilizing resources, and creating exposure control plans are vital for reducing risks associated with heat stress and wildfire smoke.

3. **Digital Technology in Industrial Hygiene**: The incorporation of digital technology, such as user-friendly apps, is shaping the field of industrial hygiene, enabling more individuals to assess and address occupational health risks.

Key Themes:

- Occupational Health and Safety

- Workplace Exposure Assessment

- Impact of Climate Change on Manufacturing

- Proactive Safety Planning

- Digital Technology in Industrial Hygiene

Fun Fact:

Mona Shum discusses the development of an app tailored for the film industry, designed to assess the risk of heat stress based on relative humidity and temperature, showcasing the integration of modern digital solutions in addressing occupational health concerns.

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