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#16: British Gas Rewards - Award Winning Loyalty Programme
Episode 1618th December 2019 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today's episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" features exclusive insights from an award-winning UK loyalty programme that's loved by millions.

The brief: How can you make customers feel truly recognised and appreciated when faced with negative media perceptions, industry regulations and an intensely competitive landscape? British Gas Rewards set out in 2017 to do exactly that. 

Instead of a points-based coalition programme, customers were asking for simplicity and exclusivity and so the new British Gas Rewards team created a unique format and customer proposition in record time. 

In partnership with detailed data and UK loyalty market insights from their partnerships/marketing agency Mando-Connect, British Gas built an award-winning loyalty programme that has successfully reduced churn and increased NPS with millions of customers. 

Listen in to the last episode of our first season of "Let's Talk Loyalty" to learn lessons on how a passionate team can achieve speed and scale when driven by a vision of excellence and empowered by C-Suite support. 



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