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Anthem Salgado: Masterclass in Marketing and Communications with Erin Yoshi
Episode 1281st June 2021 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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The importance of the business aspect of being an artist cannot be underestimated. This side of the trade is an art in its own right and requires some training to master. Today on the show we are joined by Anthem Salgado where he shares his expertise on all the strategies that we as artists should be using to sell ourselves and connect to our audience. Anthem is the founder of Art of Hustle where he offers expert business coaching for marketing and communications. Anthem tells the story of his journey as a multidisciplinary artist into the field of marketing and communications and how he started offering consultation and training to artists and agencies who engaged in his services. We then hear some of Anthem's top tips for artists such as getting clear on your story before your delivery, how to build trust, how to think like a business owner and not an employee, and which part of your sales funnel to focus on first. Anthem also gets into some of the essential tools he uses in his training to help artists be more strategic such as the 90-day plan and the SMART objective frameworks. So for a masterclass in marketing from today’s brilliant guest, be sure to join us on the Not Real Art podcast.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story of how Anthem moved from multidisciplinary art to marketing and coaching.
  • How Anthem approaches his coaching services and guides his students by playing the ‘outsider’.
  • The range of offers Anthem provides and some common sticking points students experience.
  • Anthem’s focus on helping his students find their message first, before their delivery.
  • Why Anthem recorded his teachings into videos and how the courses are thematically divided.
  • Other marketing tips: brand consistency and audience evangelism.
  • Tips for sales: how to build trust and pitch without shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Anthem’s leadership advice: personal development geared toward learning how to leverage time.
  • The value of planning a way forward and then doing minor pivots as you go.
  • Setting a production timeline using the ‘due date versus do date’ framework.
  • What makes a good website: answering basic questions in three seconds.
  • Understanding the client funnel: where to start with curating the journey of a lead
  • Anthem weighs in on the 90-day plan framework for executing a business idea.
  • How to take action on lessons learned in a 90-day plan using the SMART objective.
  • A final tip from Anthem about the value of artists seeing themselves as micro-organizations.
  • How to connect with Anthem online and learn more about his amazing services.

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