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The Mysteries of Fasting in the Futuhat Al-Makkiyya of Ibn Arabi With Dr Eric Winkel
8th May 2021 • The Hikmah Project • Saqib Safdar
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One of the five pillars of Islām, fasting, is explored in its relation to the nature of man, its role as expiation, and as a means for spiritual elevation and growth. Dr. Winkel discusses Ibn al-ʿArabī's Mysteries of Fasting in the Futūḥāt al-Makkiya, explaining the non-dual nature of fasting and its positing as a great ritual of dependency and a gateway to the Divine; the beauty of fasting as mirrored in its interior disposition to open the door to sincerity, servitude, and sacred adornment. 

The conversation flows to cover Islamic jurisprudence, the Nur Muhammad (the Light of Muhammad), and Ibn al-ʿArabī’s role as the conveyor of the message of this Universal Light. Dr. Winkel talks about situational decision-making and governance in its connection to the اسم (ʾism), archetypal name, the حال (ḥāl), one’s state or condition, and the حكم (ḥukum), the ruling; fasting as a prompter of اجتهاد (ijtiḥād), prompting a soul conversation in its inward reality; moon sighting as it arises in the hearts of the عارفون (ʿarifūn), arising in the full moon of Truth as the truth of Muhammad ﷺ; and, the paradoxical outward disconformity amongst Muslims that parallels inward conformity and harmony.

With his permission, Dr Winkel's translation of the Chapter on Fasting from Futuhat al Makiyya is available on our Patreon site