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Be the Love - Stacy Musial EPISODE 4, 12th July 2021
Sacred Geometry and Numerology with Mathues Imhotep
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Sacred Geometry and Numerology with Mathues Imhotep

In today's episode, Stacy and Sam talk with Mathues Imhotep about awakening to our divine consciousness with sacred symbol activation.

**NOTE: Toward the end of the episode, Mathues provides a three minute symboi activation, during which, there is complete silence. Share what you felt with us!!**

Mathues has been working as an entrepreneur, business system designer, developer, consultant and spiritual leader. His Spiritual life and quest to uncover the deepest hidden wisdom continued to expand in a parallel path and was his saving grace and solace. Many people have been on the front lines, risking their lives for the light. This group has been called the Earth Alliance and has been working decades to support the mission of bringing the light. And helping to support the activation of a New System. Mathues is the author of the 7th Seal - Hidden Wisdom Unveiled.He is a speaker on Spirituality and has created over 25 videos on his material.

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