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042: When to Have the ‘Come to Jesus’ Meeting With Your Employee With Kevin Manning and Steve Tuciarone
Episode 4220th July 2021 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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What happens when you've had multiple coaching discussions with your employee, and you haven't seen any progress made against the expectations that you previously set for them? 

Situations like these are never easy, but the best way to deal with them is to have a particular and direct conversation with your employee. In business, we call it the 'Come To Jesus Meeting.'

And fortunately, there are some efficient action steps you can take to have this meeting with your employee.

But when is the best time to have the 'Come To Jesus Meeting" with this employee? And how do you approach it? Timing and preparation are crucial indeed, and as a manager, it can be challenging to get these aspects right.

Discussions like these tend to be delayed, and sometimes you might not be considering the whole picture and your role as a leader in it. Perhaps you're unsure whether you invested the right amount of time in coaching or providing the right resources to your employee.

In this episode of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, Kevin Manning and Steve Tuciarone join me to talk about everything you need to know to have a successful 'Come To Jesus Meeting' with your employee.

Key Takeaways 

- What is the 'Come To Jesus' meeting?

- Why this discussion is a gradual process

- How leaders approach a one-way conversation

- Why discussions like these are often delayed

- The importance of preparing

- How to get your employee back on track

- Episode summary

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