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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 2, 1st April 2021
002 with Mark P Miller - Find MEANING
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002 with Mark P Miller - Find MEANING

Today we will have a meaningful conversation and perspective on finding purpose in post-military life with Mark P Miller, a commissioned army signal officer, army public affairs officer and mass communication specialist.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 3:15- Mark P Miller retired earlier than expected due to medical reasons.
  • 3:48- Asking yourself of “what do you want? “is the core secret in transitioning.
  • 10:30- Mark worked as public affairs director after retirement
  • 12:23- Mark started the communications consulting business in public relations.
  • 18:00- Mark's Military background and municipal background gave him a niche to work in government and non-profit organizations.
  • 21:09- The importance of GRE and Ph.D. program in thought leadership
  • 24:19- The implication of The Foundation of Inquiry course in the current environment and transition.
  • 29:50- How the military prepares members for transition


3 Key Points:

  • Transferring skills and translating skills in transition must be based on what you want to do, because transition is as unique as the person.
  •  Recognize where you're bringing value to feel that sense of purpose in your chosen job/career after retirement.
  • Think through all the stuff the military taught you and use that for transition as opposed to just looking completely at the tap, but looking at all the skills the military gave you.



  •  “Going back to what you said about transferring and translating those skills, sure! that was easy for me to do, so that's what I want to do, so that's what I wanted.” - Mark P. Miller
  •  “It's not that you should or shouldn't, or listen to anyone else tell you. I chose to stay in the same profession and just do it differently but that's not for everybody, so I think the transition is as unique as the person.” - Mark P. Miller
  • “If I want to be successful long term, I need to be a thought leader in my field. Although I have a pretty deep resume, sure I've got good credentials, but I seek to be an absolute expert and thought leader in my field. “- Mark P. Miller

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