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Virtuoso (VOY S6 E13)
30th April 2024 • The Joy of Trek • Kay, Khaki and Greg
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Virtuoso (Star Trek: Voyager, S6 E13) was recommended by Hoofburd (hoof bird, he-him), who said: I was a kid when Voyager aired for the first time on UPN; My parents didn't tell me no when I came out to watch it on Wednesday nights. I think this is an important episode to think about as people become infatuated with programs like Midjourney and ChatGPT. Do we as a society value expression, or are we the Qomar? Also, any episode with Seven/the Doctor heartwarming material is top-tier.

Virtuoso first aired on January 26, 2000, written by story by Raf Green, teleplay by Raf Green & Kenneth Biller, and directed by Les Landau

The Joy of Trek is hosted by Khaki & Kay, with editing & production by Chief Engineer Greg and music by Fox Amoore (Bandcamp | Bluesky)

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