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67 | How To Lead For Socio, Economic And Environmental Impact with Jayne Warrilow and Lynn Yap
Episode 674th October 2021 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Linn Yap, the founder of the Activ8 network, whose mission is to increase the participation of women in technology and entrepreneurship. She started her career as a corporate attorney, graduated from the Wharton School with an MBA, and worked in investment banking. Her curiosity led her to write about business as a force for good. Her book the Altruistic Capitalist brings together conversations with leaders at for-profit corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors, and her personal experience, all in service of the changes the world needs. As Lynn says we can no longer rely on governments and non-profit organizations alone to solve our social and environmental problems.

Today Lynn shares her experiences of becoming a corporate attorney in investment banking and how a personal request that was declined during the Facebook IPO changed everything for her and catalyzes her passion for working with organizations that embrace all stakeholders within the business.

Listen in as we talk through what it means to be an “altruistic capitalist”, and we begin to unpack the challenges facing leaders and the unique opportunities that exist today. Lynn speaks with a deep passion about having an open mindset, about curiosity and its role in social impact, and about the value of collaboration and partnerships. As she says “It’s not about profit only, it’s about growing the pie”. She shares some exciting data from the World Economic Forum that shows that business is already heading in this direction, and it’s no longer a choice we have whether to embrace this perspective or not, it’s something we need to do if we want our business to survive in the longer term.

If you work with leaders or you want to step into your leadership in a better way, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. I suspect you’ll enjoy this lively discourse as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Lynn’s dynamic perspective on how to lead in a capitalist economy
  • The difference between focusing solely on profit and focusing on all stakeholders and its impact on the bottom line.
  • The value of mindfulness and curiosity
  • How innovation and social impact are closely related to better financial results.

Memorable Quote

“Leaders who separate innovation and social impact are missing big market opportunities.”—Lynn Yap, Founder of the Activ8 Network

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