Introducing CEO Tom Bené
Episode 512th June 2020 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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In this introductory interview, Helen Jane Hearn speaks with new National Restaurant Association president and CEO, Tom Bené.

Over his 30 year career, Tom has led such foodservice corporations as PepsiCo and Sysco. This week as our guest on Order Up, he discusses what he is excited to see in the restaurant industry. Despite the challenges brought on by COVID, Tom believes innovation and prosperity are on the horizon. Listen to learn more about his background, why he joined the association and his outlook on this historic year for the restaurant industry. 

  • [00:31] - Interview with Tom Bené
  • [00:53] - How Tom ended up at The National Restaurant Association
  • [03:51] - Unprecedented changes in the industry
  • [05:48] - What constitutes a great day at the office
  • [08:04] - What does serving the restaurant industry mean to Tom?
  • [09:14] - Working with state restaurant associations
  • [10:53] - Enabling new solutions
  • [13:17] - Excitement ahead

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