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Rūta Žemčugovaitė: Remembering our relationality
Episode 2613th November 2023 • Coconut Thinking • Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.
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How might we transform our relationality with the world, as the world, especially the non-human world?

In this episode, I speak with Rūta Žemčugovaitė. Rūta is a writer, artist, and researcher, working with mycelium for regenerative futures. With a background in Psychology, she learned to facilitate trauma healing and shadow work in Costa Rica and now works with technology, mycology (and trying to build things out of mycelium), affective computing, spatial sound design, creating art, regenerative practices, and writing. Rūtais a philosopher, flirts with post-humanism, and asks how we can design with the living world in mind. We discuss:

🥥 How humans are embedded in the ecosystems around it, meaning that if we increase the thriving of the non-human, we increase the thriving of the human;

🥥 How de-centering the human opens up spaces to changing our relationality [with/as] the living world, toward more regenerative approaches to life.

🥥 How we can re-draw the boundaries of our identities and idon'thave to stick to "human."

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