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[Author Spotlight Series] – Dream Big With Mary Henderson
23rd January 2023 • The Power of Authority Spotlight • Michelle Prince
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Mary Henderson is the Founder of ‘Dream Big, Girl!’ a blog to help women find wholeness physically, spiritually, and emotionally. With her blog, she creates a place where women can find inspiration, guidance, truth, and some fresh perspective but mostly just a soft place to land when life gets tough.

Mary has also had the privilege to speak into the lives of so many beautiful women in her years as a restaurant owner, personal trainer, preacher, teacher, and friend. She believes Jesus is the answer to all our needs and questions and prays for blessings, inspiration, challenges, and faith growth. She is also the author of Dream Big, Girl: 40 Days to Dream Again.

In this episode…

It's easy to lose sight of our aspirations and let the challenges of life hold us back, making us feel stuck in the daily grind. Are the struggles you are facing making you give up on your dreams? How can you find your way back to dreaming big? 

Every person, young or old, rich or poor, has aspirations they would want to achieve. The problem is that the seasons people go through in their lives leave them lost in the busyness of it all. Having gone through many challenges in her life, believing it was too late, and not having enough time, education, or money, Mary Henderson had also given up on her big audacious dreams. After many years of finding herself, she felt that people also needed to be reminded of their worth. Now, she inspires and challenges others to dream again.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Mary Henderson, Founder of ‘Dream Big, Girl!’ to discuss how she inspires and helps people dream again. Mary shares her background, desire to help and inspire women, and the story behind starting the 'Dream Big, Girl!' blog. Additionally, she discusses her transition from blogging to becoming a published author and shares her advice for those struggling with imposter syndrome.