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Watch Your Water - How To Find Out If Your Water is Contaminated Right Now
11th September 2023 • Life in Northern Virginia • Cheryl Spangler
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Type in your zipcode and find out what is in your water today

This non profit organization which is world wide stands for Environmental Working Group is constantly working to protect our health exposing contaminates in our water and other things.

From this site you can report the contaminants but mostly you need to find out what they are, what they cause and how to remove them. It lists which item can be removed by a simple carbon block water filter and which ones require a reverse osmosis water filter.'

IF you were to do ONE THING right now that could improve your health it would be going out and buying a carbon block water filter OR a carbon water filter that goes on water bottles. It's an individual filter that people sometimes buy when they go camping - this could greatly benefit you today.

Let me know what you think and if you have ever had your water tested.

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