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Pictures on Acid, The 3 Simple Truths of Trumpet Playing, and Why Success Can be Terrifying with Tom Hooten
Episode 1911th October 2021 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, is one of the world’s most prominent classical trumpeters today.

Here's what you'll hear in this episode with Tom Hooten:

-What has Tom fired up about trumpet, life, and how the two intersect...01:30

-Why success can be terrifying...12:40

-Discoveries made producing the album Trumpet Call...15:40

-How one grows as a teacher as he grows as a person...21:44

-Knowing when to teach, and when to let the student learn to teach themselves...30:51

-Geeking out on the new concerto to be performed w/ the L.A. Phil...42:22

-How a younger Tom Hooten would have responded to the challenges the present-day Tom Hooten embraces with fire in the eyes...45:15

Resources mentioned:

The Big Leap

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Gabriel Cassone

Time to Think and More Time to Think by Mary Klein