Empowering Women to be in Finance with Shana Sissel
Episode 8929th March 2021 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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No one should ever discourage someone from doing something they’re not good at, especially when they’re giving it their best.

Women especially are sometimes deterred to excel in math or finance just because they are not good at first.

In this episode, I’m joined by the wonderful Shana Sissel! Shana is the Chief-Investment Officer at Spotlight Asset Group. She was crowned Mrs. Illinois International 2020 at the North Shore Center for Performing Arts, last November 2019.

Shana is also an advocate for financial literacy for women! She’s on a mission to make the industry a better place for all genders. She seeks to introduce financial concepts to young girls and also serve as a mentor for young women to feel more empowered and confident when entering the field of finance!

Today, Shana’s going to share a wealth of information you don’t want to miss!

Be empowered to take on your finances and go after what you’re passionate about as Shana shares her journey on how she overcame the obstacles that are blocking her way, from her beauty pageant experience and in her financial career. Shana’s story is proof that anyone can excel at anything they’re passionate about, as long as time and effort are put into the mix!


>> Shana talks about her experience with beauty pageants and how she got involved with it

>> Why women are better investors?

>> Why women should be in the field of finance?

>> What are liquid alternatives?

>> What inspires Shana to continue the work that she is doing

>> Why you shouldn’t discourage someone just because they are bad at doing it


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