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Inspiring Innovation at the Speed of Laughter
13th April 2022 • Saint Louis In Tune • Motif Media Group
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John Sweeney (aka Jiggly Boy) is a keynote speaker and has captured the imagination of some of the most respected companies in the world. This isn't because:

  • he owned the nation’s oldest comedy theatre; nor
  • a quote from his first book appeared on millions of Starbucks coffee cups; nor
  • he danced shirtless on national television earning him “Fan of the Year” accolades from the Today Show.

He and his team at the Brave New Outpost harness transformational laughter to help professionals activate their best, most innovative, and most resilient mindset.

[00:22] Return to Civility

[02:11] The author himself, John Sweeney-Let's start at the very beginning

[06:47] Defining improv

[09:22] Digging into the mindset of discovery or a mindset of improvisation

[12:04] The Big Five-From Fear to Discovery

  • Listen, Defer Judgment, Reframe, Declare, Jump In
  • Humor as the elixir or the lubricant of the learning
  • We are what we practice

[17:11] Example from John's life

[19:47] Saint Louis In Tune

[21:48] How Return to Civility came about and Change of Ownership

  • Brave New Workshop
  • Dudley RIggs

[28:16] Theatre-a place to illuminate discussions that most people are too uncomfortable to have.

[30:12] Influence of technology

[31:02] Satirical comedy-humorous, reflective, and often serious viewpoints on reality

[35:04] A show on systemic racism

[37:56] Using the words: Yes, And

[40:02] The birth of Jiggly Boy

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