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Episode 16: Orchard Experiments and Lessons from a Field Representative with Donny Hicks
Episode 1622nd December 2021 • Almond Journey • Almond Journey
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In this episode we visit with almond grower and Hughson Nut Field Representative Donny Hicks. Donny manages a small 18-acre orchard, which helps him keep a grower’s perspective in everything he does. Donny shares how he’s offering up his acreage for experiments in areas such as fumigation, pruning, and subsurface irrigation. Then we talk about his role with Hughson Nut, and what he learns from the growers he works with day to day.


“It's really nice to be able to farm and do what I'm doing because I'm going through the same thing that my growers are going through whether it be water issues or price. It really helps me to relate to my growers.” - Donny Hicks


In Today’s episode:

  • Meet Donny Hicks, almond grower and Hughson Nut Field Representative
  • Explore the different trials being performed on his farm and some of the preliminary results he has observed
  • Discover the benefit Donny has as a producer and a field representative and how he brings that to his customers

“Farmers, we’re by nature optimistic people. Otherwise I don't think some of us would be doing it if we didn't think that there was something better down the road .” - Donny Hicks


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ABC Update

It’s the end of December, which is a great time to take a breath, spend time with family, and reflect on the past year. 2021 has been a challenge for many, but Almond Board chairman and co-owner of Sperry Farms Brian Wahlbrink echoes Donny’s optimism about the future ahead and delivers holiday greetings to the almond industry.


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