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Design Your Decade - Rio Rocket, Rosann Santos EPISODE 9, 1st January 2021
2021 Write Yourself a $1,000,000 Check and Cash Out!
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2021 Write Yourself a $1,000,000 Check and Cash Out!

What do: Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, Lindsey Vonn, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kerry Walsh and Misty-May Treanor, Jay Z, Idris Elba...all have in common?

Survey Says....wrong answer! It's not wealth, luck, privilege or fame. They were all able to visualize then achieve. Inside this 2021 savory DYD flavor packet is the "secret sauce" success formula passed down from celestial sources of unknown. But you can have it today for the low, low, low price of 17:43 of your undivided time and attention. You're welcome.

The DYD podcast is designed to accelerate the career trajectory of:

•   Recent college graduates

•   Graduates and Professionals interviewing for new employment

•   New professionals: 5 years or less employed at current job

•   Middle Management: 5-10 years employed

•   Professionals in creative fields, media and entertainment

Get coached, move up the ladder, make bank.

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