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31. From Pro Surfer to Mental Health Advocate: Cooper Chapman on Redefining Self-Worth, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and Navigating Social Pressures
Episode 3120th July 2023 • Mindspo • Rochelle Fox | Mindset, Meditation & Manifestation Teacher
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Are you struggling to define your self-worth beyond your career successes? Join Rochelle in this episode as she invites her good friend, Cooper Chapman, a former pro surfer and mental health advocate, to the Mindspo Podcast. Together, they delve into Cooper's transformative journey from a sports-focused identity to leading the Good Human Factory, a mental health initiative.

Listen in to hear about Cooper's life experiences that led him to champion mental health awareness and how he reframed his self-worth based on personal values instead of career accomplishments. Rochelle and Cooper also open up about dealing with social pressures, getting sober, overcoming imposter syndrome, and embracing feedback, inspiring you to navigate your own path towards personal growth.

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