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Champions (AP 1/2) w/ Ian Gregory
Episode 19th August 2022 • Team-Up Moves • Fiona Hopkins and Stephanie Burt
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New run! New game! This time we’re playing Champions, 6th Edition from Hero Games. The Human Slingshot and Anemone are dispatched to the surprisingly posh New Arcadia Aquarium to stop Johnny Three-Guns and his hench from robbing a gala full of socialites.

Champions, 6th Edition is the 2009 version of the long-running Champions RPG. It’s a general superhero team RPG best known for its flexible character creation.

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The Cast

Ian Gregory (he/him, @fissionmale) — The Human Slingshot

Stephanie Burt (she/her, @accommodatingly) — Anemone

Fiona Hopkins (she/her, @fionawhim) — GM

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Theme Music: “Play” by Sleepyhead