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Mind Cruisers - Jared Johnson and Stefanie Sorenson EPISODE 5, 7th May 2020
Vicarious Trauma with Dr. Valerie Shayman Southerland
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Vicarious Trauma with Dr. Valerie Shayman Southerland

Today, Jared and Stefanie had the privilege to do our first interview with the amazing Dr. Valerie Shayman Southerland. She has such an enjoyable spirit and has extensive experience with mental health.

Today we talked about Vicarious trauma. What it is? How to recognize it and how to seek treatment? It is a very interesting topic that most people probably don't consider or talk about enough.

I hope you enjoy and as always be kind to one another!

About Valarie:

Dr. Valerie Shayman Southerland has been privileged to carry out a career in diverse fields but with the common threads of crisis management and serving those struggling with the effects of trauma. Dr. Shayman Southerland has developed threat assessment teams for educational institutions and participated in efforts for mass shooting recovery, worked in crisis management in colleges and universities, served as a suicide interventionist and responder to survivors of sexual assault, and designed and launched a family-centered treatment program for CPS-involved families struggling with addiction. Currently, Dr. Shayman Southerland is the program manager for the Spokane Regional Mental Health Court, which aims to break the cycle of untreated mental illness and criminal behavior. Dr. Shayman Southerland holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic media, a master’s degree in higher education administration, and a Ph.D. in leadership studies. 

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