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Self-Expression and Self-Leadership with Priscilla Stephan
Episode 517th August 2022 • The Author's Leverage • Parchelle Tashi
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In the next episode of The Author’s Leverage, I'm joined by Priscilla Stephan. Pricilla is an intuitive business strategist and creator of the soul fluent leadership archetypes. She helps soul driven women entrepreneurs create sustainable world changing businesses that support the greater good. Through a powerful combination of practical business strategy together with soul guidance and the Akashic record, Priscilla excels at helping people identify their zone of genius, step into powerful leadership and live their purpose profitably. She has a holistic and pragmatic approach to business and leadership, which allows her clients to live their dream lifestyle, while confidently sharing their souls work to make a big impact and increase their profit and growth. She's an author of international best seller, ‘Soulfluent Leadership Business Guide: Amplify Your Message, Visibility and Profits by Leveraging your Archetype.’ The book supports leaders to stay grounded in their vision, and prime to lead themselves and the organization's boldly into the future with confidence, courage and sustainable growth.

Priscilla talks to me about the different archetypes and the importance of being more aware of ourselves.

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