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Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Chapter 6 Discussion: The Flow of Thought | Flow Book Club
3rd December 2021 • Travel Whys • K. Joia Houheneka at Delve Travel
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Our group discussion on Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This is done in collaboration with the meetup group 52 Living Ideas.

Chapter 6: The Flow of Thought

“Just as there are flow activities corresponding to every physical potential of the body, every mental operation is able to provide its own particular form of enjoyment.”

In this chapter, we explore activities of the mind that can lead to flow. MC observes, “These activities are primarily symbolic in nature, in that they depend on natural languages, mathematics, or some other abstract notation system like a computer language to achieve their ordering effects in the mind” Specifically, we will examine areas such as memory, history, philosophy, and other mental “games”.

Topics: “The Mother of Science” “The Rules of the Games of the Mind” “The Play of Words” “Befriending Clio” “The Delights of Science” “Loving Wisdom” “Amateurs and Professionals” “The Challenge of Lifelong Learning”


“Ask Me Why” by Matthew Billman and K. Joia Houheneka

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