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Prayer 2021 - October 1 - Prayer That Changes Things pt 3
Episode 9721st October 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

2 Corinthians 13:7

“Now we pray to God that you will not do anything wrong—not so that people will see that we have stood the test but so that you will do what is right even though we may seem to have failed.”

Prayer That Changes Things pt 3

Yesterday we started to look at the prayer of binding and loosing. We seen in Matthew 18:18 where Jesus talked about “binding and loosing.” It is part of the blessing. It is part of our authority to use His Name. Amen!

It is our responsibility to bind the devil wherever we find him trying to operate…anywhere on the earth…you see a news story come on tv… can and should be praying against the situation and binding the devil at work in that area of the world…when believers come together and start doing that…you will see dramatic things happen and nobody will understand why…except believers!  Amen..  I remember a few years back a hurricane developed in the Gulf of Mexico and was headed straight towards LA….all the forecasts said it would be direct hit…then, it suddenly turned right and headed to Florida….they said it would be a direct hit…then it turned right and headed south back into the Gulf!  It spun around out there and ended up impacting the highlands of Mexico…the weather people did not understand it…but what happened was believers started praying and it changed things – amen!  Another hurricane a few years later out in the Atlantic Ocean was heading straight for Florida…then, when they thought it would be a direct hit…suddenly turned and went right up the coast and then out into the ocean…never making land fall….so prayer DOES CHANGE THINGS!!! Amen!

But, when you pray against something…sickness, lack or whatever…and then begin to speak words of doubt concerning God’s ability to handle the situation…you negate the entire process….

“Yes, brother Bob, I believe God heals me…but I just thank Him for making me sick with this cancer…it made me draw close to Him….Praise God…!  NO!  God does NOT have cancer, flu or anything else that makes people sick…it could not stand in His presence.  You would not give your kids cancer to get their attention would you?  Would you pray, “Oh God, please give my baby cancer so she will come to know you?”  NO – so stop believing God would do that to His kids…amen!  When you do that, you are taking the Lord’s Name in vain…and buddy, you do not want to go down that road!  Amen!

Now, let me give you a word of advice…you need to keep you gun loaded at all times with one or two scriptures you can quote out verbatim and a moments notice and FIRE at will right at the devil…  I remember in the military…I was a Cavalry Scout Platoon Leader…if we can across the enemy unexpectadily…we could call the mortar platoon on the radio and request “Immediate Suppression” and give the coordinates for them to fire to…. In artillery, there are different rounds of ammunition for different purposes…depending on whether you are firing at personnel in the open or lightly skinned vehicles, jeeps, trucks, etc. or heavy armored vehicles like tanks and things like that….but if you just pop around the corner and run smack on into something…you call for “Immediate Suppression.”  That tells the mortar team that you need Rounds on Target NOW!  They don’t have time to go get the appropriate rounds designed just for that situation, cut the timing charges, etc…etc…they just fire whatever is inside their tubes at that moment and get rounds down range to where you told them to shoot….it is designed to make the enemy duck while you take cover…and while you are taking cover and putting your rounds on the enemy as well…the mortar team is then preparing the appropriate rounds for the situation and loading them…so when you come back in a minute or so and call, “FIRE FOR EFFECT”  they send a special delivery package to the enemy that brings them into the presence of their god…amen!

Well, you need to have a couple of scripture loaded in your gun tubes the same way…always at the ready…ones you have researched and studied yourself…not ones that brother Bob has given you or your sister or next door neighbor has used…but ones YOU have studied and found and stood on…a soldier does not go into battle without having used his weapon to such an extent that it is PART of him...amen!

So, get your Bible out and start studying this out on your own. Find two, three of four scriptures that will cover certain situations and memorize them. Then, start putting them to use in “minor skirmishes” with the devil. Those small battles will build your confidence for the larger battles later on. Amen!

Ok, Let’s Pray!

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