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Ep. 21 A Godly Lifeline for The Thin Blue Line; Discipling and Equipping God‘s Agents of Peace and Justice.
17th September 2021 • One Little Candle • Rebecca
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In today's episode I chat with Paul Lee, Executive Director of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers. The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers-USA (FCPO) is an invaluable organization that brings hope to those without hope in the law enforcement community. Through active local chapters, FCPO-USA develops a Christian mindset in peace officers using biblical truths to transform their lives, families and communities. With over 250 chapters across the nation, the FCPO brings Christian officers together, discipling, challenging, and equipping them to reach their fellow officers for Christ. Through the discipleship resources they provide to members, they have an opportunity to develop a Christian mindset in each officer using Biblical truths to transform his/her life, family and the community he/she serves. If you are in law enforcement or know and love someone who is, please check out this very important episode! A little about Paul Lee. Paul is a retired Chattanooga Police Department Captain, with 29 years of law enforcement service. He has worked on several specialized units including Federal Task Forces, five years as a Hostage Negotiator and five years on the SWAT Team. He has been an FCPO member since 1995, is a former Chapter Chairman and has served in various capacities on the National Board. Paul and his wife Donna have five adult children and four grandchildren.




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