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How To Raise Your Prices Without Feeling Icky
Episode 4513th October 2023 • Make More Money without Selling Your Soul • Polly Lavarello
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Whether you’re getting started in business or you have been doing it for many years, it's okay to aspire for more! There are many causes, people and projects that could benefit from you making more money and excelling in business. However, most of us find it really hard to raise our prices which holds us back from achieving great things in business.

In this episode, I want to empower you to get to the next level of your business by giving you three simple tips to raise your prices.

Here are the highlights: 

(03:07) You should always be hungry for more!

(05:15) You need to be making consistent revenue 

(09:15) What's the most valuable problem you can solve? 

(15:26) Take it back to basics

(18:37) Trust in the longer term vision 

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