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RR 240: Marion Miller from Complete Marketing Resources
14th July 2017 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Marion Miller is founder and owner of CMR Inc and says she is living the dream. Her goal is to help shop owners grow their business by making their marketing easy and affordable.

Marion has  24+ years of marketing experience. She started CMR Inc with a simple approach – treat the customer’s goals and budget as it if were hers personally and use her creativity and experience to gain results and reduce costs.

CMR has received national recognition for receiving: A Top 10 Automotive Website honor in 2015 & 2016.

Marion has experience in banking, automotive dealerships, and radio. She was featured on CNN, Metro Nashville, Evansville, and Clarksville TV stations, as well as Google News for her online local newspaper which focused on SEO and local news.

She is an ideas person and says that the CMR team and her are fluid like their iconic water logo suggests; always changing and searching for new ideas.

Talking Points:

  • The Homepage is most visited.
    • You want everything your customer needs to know on that page.
  • In 2020 40% of all searches will be verbal.
  • By 2020 50 Billion mobile devices will be in operation.
  • A website needs to be geared to ‘text’ because of verbal search.
    • You must have your keywords in sentence form.
  • You are working to find Google. They will refer you.
  • If your site isn’t changing you’ll need to post a blog regularly so you stay relevant with Google.
  • Your home page is your calling card.
  • How to start blogging.
  • People want to know everything about your shop
    • Are you pet-friendly?
    • How can I get to work if I drop off my car?
    • Do you have an expresso machine?
    • Do you do community?
  • A video of your shop is important.
    • Can be done by the shop owner and not a professional.
  • Top 3 ingredients to an award-winning website.
    • #1 Must be functional. The customer needs to find everything they want in two clicks.
      • Easy to get to the places where they want to go.
      • Call to actions must be clear.
    • #2 Content. Content. Content.
    • #3 Personalize.
      • Who you are.
      • Your reviews.
        • People trust on-line reviews eight out of ten times.
      • The power of the review is more powerful than a recommendation from a friend.
    • Claim your Google Listing.
    • You don’t need fancy. You need weight.
      • Google will see the depth of the site.
    • You need consistency between all platforms including social.
    • Control your online presence.

CMR Website

Marion M Miller
President, CMR Inc

140 S Main Street
Suite 102
Madisonville KY 42431


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