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Sweet Poison Band Interview with Mike Dunn & Ken Rankin Also Queensrÿche and Willow Review
Episode 3318th October 2022 • Gen X Bros. • Gen X Brothers
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The Gen X Brothers finally get a chance to talk with the members of 80's Metal Band Sweet Poison. Bass: Mike Dunn and Drums: Ken Rankin. They talk about the good old days of growing up in Atwater CA and starting their band with friends from school. After all these years the friendship is still going strong.

Glenn takes the time issue a public warning about Verizon's New 5G Home Internet.

Erik and Glenn review the music they have been listening too for the past week. Queensrÿche is on the chopping block for Erik and Glenn upvotes the new Willow Album.

They also explain why there was never a Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth.

Intro Music: Roll With The Punches and Heros by Sweet Poison

Sweet Poison Members: Billy Trinidad on Vocals, Frank Alcazar on Guitar, Mike Dunn on Bass, Ken Rankin on Drums.

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