148 - Helen Harding: Author & Coach
Episode 1487th October 2020 • Success IQ • Geoff Nicholson
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Helen Harding is a both a CAM practitioner and a Chartered Marketer. She spent over twenty years working in marketing and business before following her interest in personal development. Within four years Helen was earning a living as a practitioner, working three days a week but earning the equivalent of a full-time salary.

Her passion for marketing and business never left her, and she recognised that these were the areas her fellow practitioners struggled with most. She started to support her colleagues, helping them to build their own businesses, their way.

Helen’s unique approach blends her skills in personal development, marketing, and business specifically to support other CAM practitioners. She has had the opportunity to lecture at university on business skills and planning, tutored and supervised student practitioners, and developed and

implemented business structures for private practices and colleges teaching CAM practitioners.