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Celebrating Black History Month
Episode 1418th October 2023 • The AMCIS Podcast • Simon Jones From The Bonjour Agency
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Welcome back to The AMCIS Podcast, brought to you by The Bonjour Agency. This is the podcast where we speak to people in the independent school sector. AMCIS is the association for admissions, marketing and communications in independent schools, I’m Simon Jones and in this episode we’re celebrating Black History Month with three fantastic guests. Sabrina Moutarde is the Head of Marketing at St James’ Schools, we have Susan Fontenelle, Head of Admissions at Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, and we’re also joined by Chanelle Root, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator at Crosfields School in Reading.

We get to talk about how each of them came to work at their schools, what Black History Month looks like where they work, who their role models are, whether they think it makes a difference in the workplace when you’re a person of colour and we talk about other things in between.

This is a lovely episode, not just because it’s Black History Month but also because we have three amazing people with us, and they’re amazing of course, every month of the year.

So come with me now as we speak to Sabrina, Susan and Chanelle.