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Cleveland Clinic: 3 of 4 men wait to see a doctor until symptoms are unbearable
Episode 3216th March 2021 • Man Up to Cancer • Man Up to Cancer
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Dr. Petar Bajic is a urologist and fellowship-trained specialist in sexual medicine, male genital reconstruction, and men’s health at the highly respected Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio.

For the past five years, the Cleveland Clinic has been running the MENtion It campaign. Each year, they survey roughly 1,000 men on specific topics related to men’s health. 

Some previous findings

Men are 25% less likely than women to take part in preventive care.

61% wait until something becomes unbearable to go to the doctor.

72% of men say they would rather clean toilets than go to the doctor. 

(I say, to those men avoiding screenings that could save their lives, start scrubbing.)

About Dr. Bajic

Petar helps guys with sensitive problems in an area of the body where guys don’t want to have problems, and they certainly don’t want to talk about them.

He often sees cancer patients and survivors who are coping with loss of sexual function, the impact of radiation, hormone therapy, and other common consequences of cancer treatment.