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Why Brands Are Getting Schooled with Sonoco FRESH’s Anne Barr & Clemson’s Dr. Andrew Hurley
Episode 1427th October 2022 • Pulp Nonfiction • Sustana Fiber
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Welcome to Pulp Nonfiction: The Paper and Packaging Podcast!

This month's podcast includes two guests; Anne Barr of Sonoco FRESH and Dr. Andrew Hurley of Clemson University. Anne and Andrew provide some valuable lessons on a number of subjects from how packaging design can help reduce food waste, why brands need to measure their packaging’s environmental impact and use more recycled materials, how confusion over food and beverage labeling dates is wasting more than consumer’s patience, and much more!

Anne is the Executive Director of Sonoco FRESH and engages industry and academic partners in solving for safe, secure and sustainable solutions across the food value chain. She has worked for Clemson University for eight years. Most recently, Anne managed Clemson’s corporate relations program where she secured high impact philanthropic investments in areas such as automotive engineering, packaging science/graphic communications, advanced materials and STEM education.

Dr. Andrew Hurley is an Associate Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship at Clemson University. He has worked on projects at companies like Kraft Foods, Milliken, and Quad, to name just a few. His passion for lifelong learning is evidenced by his degrees in packaging and design. One of many ventures founded by Dr. Hurley is, a combination of his passions for packaging and learning. He teaches courses leading to the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management, which has been earned by many professionals in more than 40 countries.

This podcast is brought to you by Sustana Fiber, a leading producer of FSC®-certified sustainable recycled fibers. At our facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin in the United States and Lévis, Quebec in Canada, we use automated proprietary processes to transform recovered paper into high-quality recycled fiber for use in printing papers, tissue grades and formed molded fiber packaging. We also produce EnviroLife®, a sustainable recycled fiber compliant with FDA standards for food service packaging. Learn more about how our products and manufacturing practices support the circular economy at

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