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1.11 Why Did God Choose Jacob, Not Esau? (Unconditional Election)
Episode 118th March 2021 • BibleSumo Weekly Bible Study • Pedro Cheung MD
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To conclude our survey of the Genesis narrative of Jacob, an important question must be asked. “Why did God choose Jacob, not Esau?” Another way to ask this question is “On what basis did God choose Jacob over Esau?”

Four Arguments Against Romans 9

  • Systematic avoidance of Romans 9
  • Romans 9 is not talking about individuals but talking about nations.
  • Romans 9 is referring to individual election of temporal and material blessing.
  • Doctrine of prescience

“Why did God choose Jacob, not Esau?”

Answer: God chooses to whom He grants mercy not on the basis of man’s will, but based on God’s sovereign free will so that His purposes might stand. And that divine prerogative is what makes Him God.