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Women in Medicine and How Social Media Can Be Used in Healthcare with Shikha Jain, MD
Episode 1823rd March 2020 • The Prosperous Doc • Spaugh Dameron Tenny
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Despite the many advancements made in the field of medicine, there still seems to be a problem that has persisted over the years with minimal progress. It’s an issue that a lot of physicians aren’t aware of, but has greatly impacted the careers of their female colleagues – gender inequality. The healthcare industry seems to be stacked against women, where discrepancies exist and opportunities are not as available. Implicit and unconscious biases that contribute to this problem. 03:26

This week’s guest, Dr. Shikha Jain, aims to not only shed light into this issue, but to educate people in the industry through research, data and real-life experiences from female practitioners. She is a practicing oncologist, a co-chair of the Women in Medicine Summit and involved heavily in other organizations such as SoMeDocs. Dr. Jain shares her personal stories on the challenges she has faced from medical school, to residency and as a practicing doctor that she mistakenly thought were unique to herself. 05:50

She also discusses the direct correlation between improvement of women’s healthcare as more female doctors advance as leaders in the field. 11:52 This is why it’s important that support is given to those who choose to go into medicine and are faced with particular concerns like maternity leave policies. 10:43

She also dives into social media and how it can be leveraged by women doctors. 24:00 In addition to educating and correcting a lot of misinformation that is rampant online, it can also be used in networking, collaborating and mentoring. It’s also a great way to advance your career as you can brand yourself and share research and studies that you have been a part of. 30:09

Dr. Jain believes that by using social media to also spread awareness with regards the experiences of women in business will we be able to find interventions and solutions that can improve the healthcare industry overall.

White Coat Wisdom

This episode’s White Coat Wisdom is all about focusing on your own personal economy rather than on the economy of the state or country you’re currently in. The past few weeks have put the world in a state of fear and confusion because of the COVID-19 pandemic, shaking our economic certainty and prosperity. While it’s okay to feel fear and panic, you can use this time to really look into your personal finances, so you can put your mind at ease.

Take a look at the cash you have on-hand. Make a list of your typical spending and saving activities that you can temporarily put on hold so you can improve your cashflow. Identify any savings, investments or lines of credit that can help you as well, just in case you’ll need them.

Even with the sense of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that we have already overcome great crises in the past, and we can certainly do that this time around.

White Coat Achievement

Despite experiencing trauma at a young age, this week’s White Coat Achievement awardee, has used this to become the passionate surgeon that he is today. Dr. Mike Malla, Chief Trauma Resident at Atrium Health, is able to empathize with those who are going through trauma, and understand the effects it may have on the loved ones surrounding the patient.

He wrote an essay that was read at the 2020 Annual Scientific Assembly of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Traumas, impressing attendees and moving them to tears.

The White Coat Wellness podcast by Spaugh Dameron Tenny highlights real-life stories from doctors and dentist to encourage and inspire listeners through discussions of professional successes and failures in addition to personal stories and financial wellness advice. Spaugh Dameron Tenny is a comprehensive financial planning firm serving doctors and dentist in Charlotte, NC. To find out more about Spaugh Dameron Tenny, visit our website at or our Facebook group You can also connect with our host, Shane Tenny, CFP at or on Twitter.



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