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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 40, 1st February 2021
Chapter 40. The one where Dave Gregory showed up.
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Chapter 40. The one where Dave Gregory showed up.

What can I say, I wanted to make Chapter 40 a bit of an event.

So first off we decided to record in the evening, and imbibe a little of the good stuff whilst chatting. Then Ant discovered we could stream the festivities from Zoom to YouTube in a fairly lo-fi kind of way - so we thought we would give that a go.

Finally after a speculative WhatsApp conversation with the Guitar God himself, I managed to persuade Dave Gregs to drop in and mix it up a bit.

And (to be fair) that's just what he did, arriving armed with his journals and gently augmenting TCD with something completely new... hard facts. :o]

I hope you enjoy the '40th' and huge thanks to Dave for making it such a special evening.

Love & death-by-chutney,


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