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Episode 8: Offensive Basketball with Coach Nate Oats
25th July 2018 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Offensive Basketball with Coach Nate Oats Guest: Nate Oats, Buffalo Basketball Head Coach In this week's basketball coaching conversation, Nate Oats joins the podcast. Oats is beginning his fourth season as the head basketball coach at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He lead Buffalo to a school record 27 wins last season, and their third NCAA Tournament appearance in four years. In the podcast, one of the brightest offensive minds in NCAA basketball discusses some of his offensive philosophies. Breakdown: 1:00 - Introduction 4:00 - High School Program transfer to both levels that gave a lot of attention 6:00 - Transferring knowledge to College Basketball 7:30 - Offensive Ranking and Statistics 8:00 - Success on Offense - Player Development 11:00 - Set Concepts, Philosophies, Break Options and Automatics 12:00 - The Concept of Tempo and Transition 16:00 - “Standing in the Corner” Concept 17:00 - “The Two Side Fast Break” Concept 18:00 - Moving the Point Guard to the Head Spot 20:00 - Training to be Point Guards 22:00 - Framing a Player to be Unselfish to shoot an Open Shot 23:00 - Defining Shot Selection to Coach Nate’s Players 25:00 - Contested and Uncontested Shots 27:00- In-Game Offensive Charting 30:00 - Points per Possession in Wide-Open Three’s 31:40 - “All of your 5 can make Three’s” 33:00 - Go and Attack 34:00 - Packed on Defense 36:00 - Switching Offense/Defense and Ball Movements 39:00 - Boomerang Concept 40:00 - Defense Chart In-Game 43:00 - Giving Players Summary on Offense or Freedom to Play 45:00 - Concept of Foul 47:00 - Fouling on Bigs   Nate Oat’s Social Media Bio: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Basketball Immersion Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook:   See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at