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Design Your Decade - Rio Rocket, Rosann Santos EPISODE 6, 11th December 2020
Stick-to-itiveness: Now Don’t You Smell Like Leadership Material
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Stick-to-itiveness: Now Don’t You Smell Like Leadership Material

Of all the skills, strengths and characteristics we mentioned here on DYD there is one in particular, that if not mastered, will surely guarantee failure. And that is Stick-to-itiveness /ˌstikˈto͞oidivnəs/ which the dictionary defines as dogged perseverance, persistence, and tenacity.

But we define it as not the thing that gets you started but the thing that keeps you going until you get there. Because if you can't stick to it...you'll get STUCK.

The DYD podcast is designed to accelerate the career trajectory of:

•   Recent college graduates

•   Graduates and Professionals interviewing for new employment

•   New professionals: 5 years or less employed at current job

•   Middle Management: 5-10 years employed

•   Professionals in creative fields, media and entertainment

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