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Preparing For An Entertainment Boom | TSMP #059
Episode 5920th June 2021 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Are you well equipped to thrive in the upcoming entertainment boom?

The world is going back to normal slowly but steadily. There’s going to be a massive boom in the entertainment industry soon.

The time is ripe for gearing up to spearhead this new wave of potential success and prosperity.

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley discuss practical strategies across four pillars that you can use to thrive in your entertainment career. Improving these four vital pillars of your life - performance, business, mindset, and health - will set you on a lifelong trajectory towards success.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • What To Expect From This Boom? [01:01]
  • Best Ways To Prepare For Performances [02:22]
  • Following The Rules Of The ‘New Normal’ [04:30]
  • How To Choose Suitable Effects And Routines [06:25]
  • Creating Bespoke Shows As Per Events’ Restrictions [09:30]
  • Common Slip-ups That All Of Us Should Avoid [12:39]
  • How To Leverage Your Network To Book Gigs [16:29]
  • Gaining Clarity Of Thought About Your Business [19:45]
  • Honing A Growth Mindset And Supporting The Community [21:58]
  • Focusing On Providing Value To Clients [25:25]
  • Are You Ready For This New Wave Of Gigs? [27:05]
  • Do You Know Your WHY? [31:45]
  • Optimizing Your Health To Keep Energy Levels High [34:10]
  • Take Action TODAY To Thrive In This Boom [39:33]

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