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400 | Be On Guard!
Episode 40020th May 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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The people we spend the most time with can make or break our dreams. Your community is contagious and is impacting your dreams and your money without you even realizing it. If you are spending time with people who make you feel small, it is absolutely toxic to your goals.

Cayla shares ways to keep your dreams guarded and safe in this episode. It is okay to spend time with people you love who might be negative about your goals. But what do you do when they try to speak life into your dreams? Cayla has tips for it all. Ultimately, you are meant to be happy and prosperous, so be careful and intentional about who you share your dreams with.

You will learn:

  • [1:45] - Your community is contagious and how does that affect your money?
  • [3:41] - Nothing will infect you with negativity faster than the people who you spend time with.
  • [4:56] - If you spend time with people who make you feel small, it will take you much longer to reach your goals.
  • [6:34] - If you’re surrounded by employees but want to be in your own business, you will have a hard time escaping the employee mindset.
  • [7:40] - You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
  • [8:52] - Don’t tell others about your plans and dreams, especially if you know they’re going to be negative. You can still spend time with them, but don’t talk about it.
  • [9:51] - Guard your heart. Guard your mind.
  • [11:26] - Only take advice from people you would want to trade lives with.
  • [12:18] - Who are you spending time with that is truly happy?
  • [13:20] - You are meant to be happy. Live out loud.
  • [14:48] - When you spend time with certain people, it is toxic for your hopes and dreams.
  • [16:18] - Who are you letting speak into your dreams?
  • [17:29] - If you are searching for your like-minded community, plug into Mommy Millionaire.

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