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Belén & Tristan | 50 Ways to Cycle the World ... The Excuse Extinguisher
Episode 11428th July 2021 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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Welcome to the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast. In this episode I am back with Belén and Tristan as they introduce their newest book to us. This book was designed as a community project to showcase various ways of cycling the world, in the hope of showing people that regardless of circumstance, there is something for everyone.

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Show Notes

~ 11m 25s     Intro to Belén and Tristan

~ 17m 30s    About 50 Ways

~ 36m 00s    The response from participants

~ 55m 30s    Favourite and most challenging part of making this book

~ 62m 45s    Who would you like to spend a day or more in the shoes of? Who would you not want to spend a day in the shoes of?

~ 70m 00s     How the book changed their mindsets towards bike touring?

~ 75m 30s     Upcoming adventures

~ 80m 30s     Where to find Tristan & Belén

~ 86m 00s     Next time on BTA and end credits